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 Hilco Valuation Services Europe

Hilco Valuation Services Europe is a full-service appraiser of business assets. We provide appraisals on all classes of assets, on-going valuation updates and a variety of ancillary services including asset disposal. We serve corporations, lenders and insolvency practitioners.

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Chris Hall
+44 (0) 8453 130 140
+44 (0) 7795 832658
+44 (0) 8453 130 150

Hilco Valuation Services Europe

3 St. Helen's Place



Company Profile

The Hilco Organization

The Hilco Organization provides a suite of strategic services to help companies, their advisors and investors identify the value in business assets, monetize those assets either through acquisition or disposition, and leverage the assets to obtain debt or equity capital.

Services include:
- Asset Appraisals, Enterprise Valuations and IP Valuations
- Retail, Consumer and Industrial Inventory Monetization Services
- Industrial Machinery and Equipment Acquisition and Dispositions Services
- Real Estate Repositioning Services, Including Acquisition, Disposition and Lease Restructuring
- Private Equity Investing
- Bridge Loans to Facilitate Merger and Acquisition Transactions
- Going Concern Retail Enterprise Acquisitions
- Accounts Receivable Portfolio and Other Distressed Debt Acquisitions
- Merger and Acquisition Advisory
- Debt and Equity Placement
- Retail Performance and Profit Enhancement Consulting

The Hilco Organization is comprised of independent operating units, each specializing in one or more aspects of our complete business services package. Operating units are staffed and managed by teams of highly-skilled, experienced men and women, all of whom share an unwavering commitment to quality service, the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity, and to the achievement of successful results.

Hilco Trading Co., Inc. is the holding company for The Hilco Organization. It provides platform services to the business units, including legal and accounting, marketing and capital. In addition, Hilco Trading delivers the discipline of a parent. While each business group has its own personality and talents, Hilco Trading oversees performance to ensure a level of service consistent with Hilco's elevated standards.

Hilco UK Limited www.hilcouk.com

We maximise returns and minimise risk in difficult retail situations by:
- Acquiring under-performing businesses or divisions
- Providing expert retail operational management and implementing retail turnarounds
- Providing finance for acquisitions
- Implementing store closure programmes
- Purchasing distressed debt positions
- Private equity investment

To resolve a complex, difficult or distressed situation, a retailer may need to drive a clear change in the business whilst managing the various risks involved. Hilco is uniquely positioned to evaluate, recommend and implement the best course of action. We do this successfully because we are an independent, objective team with unique skills and substantial experience. We have been involved in many of the most notable retail restructuring projects of the last five years in the UK and continental Europe.

Hilco Industrial Europe www.hilcoeurope.com

Hilco Industrial is a recognised leader in the acquisition & disposition of industrial capital assets, including plant and machinery, industrial inventory, furniture, fixtures and real estate. Through our expertly planned and skilfully managed disposal projects and liquidation sales, we offer companies and their lenders a proven system for delivering higher recovery values in less time.

As a member of the Hilco Organization, Hilco Industrial team members have access to a vast array of resources that enable us to accurately anticipate the disposition or liquidation value of machinery and equipment used in a variety of industrial applications. Whatever a company's business or the nature of its assets, our performance is underpinned by a deeply-rooted understanding of asset values and marketability in fact, we're so confident of our understanding of asset value and our ability to optimize return through adroit marketing, we are willing to put ourselves in a financial risk position by providing cash guarantees

Hilco Appraisal Europe www.hilcoappraisal.co.uk

Hilco Appraisal Europe is a full-service appraiser of business assets. We provide "front-end" appraisals on all class of asset classes, on-going valuation updates and a variety of ancillary services including asset disposal. We serve corporations, lenders and insolvency practitioners.

A full service appraisal company servicing major financial institutions investors and corporations in the UK and across Europe, Hilco Appraisal Europe is focused on asset valuation and disposal, with two main services:

"Front End" appraisals for lenders and corporations:
- Consumer goods and industrial stock
- Plant, machinery and equipment
- Intangibles - including IPR
- Real estate

"Back End" services for corporations and insolvency practitioners:
- Valuations for Statement of Affairs
- Security of real estate and chattel assets
- Disposal of assets - by auction or private treaty

Hilco Appraisal directors are experienced asset appraisers and plant and machinery auctioneers. They lead a team of equally experienced valuation analysts, writers and asset disposition experts, all of whom have provided highest quality services to the business community for more than a decade. Hilco Appraisal understands the requirements of corporations, lenders and insolvency professionals. We are geared to respond in very short timescales.

Hilco Receivables Europe www.hilcoreceivables.com

Hilco Receivables is a leader in the acquisition, servicing and appraisal of accounts receivable portfolios'. We offer all the experience, expertise and financial resources necessary to help companies optimize the value of a performing or non-performing accounts receivable portfolio.

Our clients include credit card issuing companies, lessors, healthcare service providers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

We invite you to learn more about the people, programs and processes that have earned Hilco Receivables a reputation for professionalism, integrity and the ability to maximize the net realizable value of an A/R portfolio.

Hilco Appraisal Europe
3 St. Helen's Place
Tel: +44 (0) 8453 130 140
Hilco Industrial Europe
3 St. Helen's Place
Tel: +44 (0) 8453 130 140
Hilco UK
80 New Bond Street
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7317 2050




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