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Jo Bennett Coles Jo Bennett-Coles - Managing Director of FGI

Mrs. Bennett-Coles is responsible for overseeing marketing for FGI’s UK and greater European operations, generating deal flow, and sustaining relationships with clients and industry professionals.

Mrs. Bennett-Coles brings over a 12 years of experience in the commercial finance and asset-based-lending industries and over twenty-five years in management and entrepreneurship.She has been featured in numerous trade publications such as The Secured Lender, TRF News, Global Trade Review, and the ABF Journal. Frequently, she speaks at leading industry events. 

Prior to joining FGI, Mrs. Bennett-Coles served as Managing Director at Atlantic Risk Management Services, where she managed numerous projects—from workout to due diligence in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, and the Far East. Previously, Mrs. Bennett-Coles was Founder and Director of NB Resources Limited; served as Director and Company Secretary for LCS Services Limited; and worked as an Assistant Solicitor at Stitt & Co., where she qualified as a Solicitor in 1990.

Mrs. Bennett-Coles holds an LL.B. (Hons) from the University of Essex and is a member of several organisations, including the Ancient City of London Guild, The Worshipful Company of Loriners, and The Law Society.

Born in Ramsgate, United Kingdom, Mrs. Bennett-Coles spent her early years in Kent, London, and Scotlandand currently resides in Buckingham.



Chris BowringChris Bowring - Director & Co Founder

Chris started his career in IT and spent nineteen years working for technology companies. Having developed a solid business foundation in a number of senior roles for large corporates Chris’ entrepreneurial spirit was nagging away. His passion was always for cars and having developed an almost encyclopaedic knowledge on them he started to feel there was a better way to buy and fund them then currently offered by the general market. With another former colleague who shared the same passion they founded 4C Prestige with the primary aim of becoming the go to place for clients wanting expert buying advice to maximise their automotive procurements.

Chris believes in the modern world most people are actually time poor when it comes to spending the right amount of time buying cars and therefore never really obtain the best car they can. Understanding client needs and becoming a trusted advisor is his company’s key driver.

Having sourced vehicles from all over the UK for clients has allowed his business to offer a superior service whilst making sure the client got the car they wanted not want the dealer wanted to sell them.

Chris is a passionate believer in maximising any car buying budget and will share his insight into how he’s helped clients obtain the car they really want rather than the car they thought they could obtain. He will give guidance on when and when not to buy and how to avoid the pitfalls of depreciation across varying sectors of the automotive world up to and including supercars.


Crista CullenCrista Cullen - MBE

Given one shot to perform at your absolute optimum, how do you make sure you take it? - and score!

Gold Medallist and Women's Hockey legend Crista Cullen is well-placed to answer this question...

Seeded only 7th in the world last year, Britain's Women's Hockey Team managed to beat the "untouchable" World Champions in the Rio Olympic Games.

On this landmark occasion, against the odds and under enormous pressure, Team GB were able to produce a lifetime-best performance. After a gripping exchange, where Cullen went for an unbelievable volley to level the score 2-2 at half time, the match ultimately finished 3-3 and went to penalties. England's history with penalties is a disappointing one, in football at least! - but Britain's Women's Hockey Squad held their nerve to take Gold against the Dutch who had dominated the world stage for so many years.

The story has a further twist in that, just a year ahead of this feat, Crista, was happily focused on her interests in Wildlife Conservation following her "retirement" from sport after the team took Bronze in the 2012 London Games. A call from the GB Head Coach led her to reunite with the squad just 10 months ahead of the 16-strong group being selected.

Moreover, Crista never gave up the "day-job" all through her training, and even found time to set up a London-based Consultancy firm.

Her story is therefore a unique one, highlighting a rare journey to Gold, underpinned by a willingness and unrelenting determination to balance her professional life with causes close to her heart, and the ultimate achievement in elite sport. Come and listen to a great motivational speech and chat after in the networking areas.


lDanielsLeonora Daniel

Leonora Daniel is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse in the Risk division, based in London. She is the Head of Recovery Management International (RMI) for EMEA and Asia Pacific and manages Credit Suisse's defaulted or stressed portfolios (excl. Switzerland) with the goal of  maximizing recoveries, protecting Credit Suisse's reputation and minimizing potential litigation risks.

Leonora joined Credit Suisse First Boston in 1998 as a Vice President in Credit Risk Management.  Prior to joining CS, Leonora worked at Lehman Brothers in Credit Risk Management as Head of Counterparty Risk Reporting and Monitoring for EMEA.

Leonora is also a Director on the Board of Oakwood Homeloans and sits on the CS Reputational Risk Committee for EMEA.




RAshmiRashmi Dube - Legatus Law

Rashmi is an award-winning solicitor, mediator and managing director of Legatus Law - the firm she founded to provide legal advice to protect businesses and their directors and stakeholders at every step of their business journey. With over 20 years' experience in the legal industry, her approach has been - and remains - unique. She works with businesses, is driven by their success and understands the entrepreneurial and legal aspects of business. Rashmi has business contacts in Europe, the USA and India and works closely with organisations and groups that support the development of legislation to assist the SME market in the ever changing global political and economic market. She has recently launched her debut book, 'Making a Splash - A personal guide to networking', which is aimed at supporting the next generation learn about her, and others, experiences of networking, the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to grasp.




Matt Goddard Matthew JP Goddard - FLD

Corporate Finance professional, with over 25 years working in the Trade & Export Finance; Asset Finance & Asset Based Lending sectors. Co-Founding MD of GMAC (UK) Asset Finance and Landsbanki Equipment Finance, most recently Head of Sales at Trade Finance Solutions.

Experience of International Asset Finance & Asset Based Lending funding Corporate assets; Structured & Leverage Finance; Trade & Export Finance facilities, including non-domestic Receivables funding and Supply Chain Finance; Restructure Finance; Corporate Auctioneering; Valuation & Asset Disposals. Acting as principal in all areas of business through an established framework of mandated funding relationships with major institutions.

Specialisation in the establishment and managing of finance businesses and building their sales portfolios through transacting in the UK, US, EMEA and Far Eastern regions, with extensive senior level relationships in the banking and industrial sectors. Track record of sales & management positions within respected global banks, financial institutions and industrial groups in the UK, Europe, US and Australia. Previous Non-Exec director of Swiss industrial conglomerate.

Member of the Turnaround Management Association.

Finance & Leasing Degree, London City University.



Paul GreenPaul Green - Halcyon Gallery

Paul Green, President of Halcyon Gallery, founded the company in his home city of Birmingham in 1982. Halcyon Gallery started with Green selling prints in a 500 square foot space above New Street Station following his artistic awakening when he became familiar with the work of Italian artist Pietro Annigoni in Florence: “Seeing his work in the Basilica di San Lorenzo was like a bolt of lightning,” says Green, “It made me realise the sheer power art can have.”

Halcyon now operates out of three London premises along with spaces in Mumbai, Cyprus and Shanghai. 2017 saw the opening of the Modern Art Museum Shanghai representing a select group of contemporary artists from across the world, both emerging and established. In late 2018 the Modern Art Museum Shanghai will open the largest Andy Warhol exhibition the world has ever seen including individual graphics, portfolios and originals. The Museum has already received an overwhelming reaction since its soft opening in May 2017, with thousands of visitors a day.

Green specialises in a range of 19th and 20th Century Master Painters, from Impressionism to Pop Art and considers himself a ‘custodian’ of great art with Halcyon Gallery regularly lending master paintings to museum shows, as part of a goal to bring art to the maximum number of people. Hosting talks by both exhibition curators and art market leaders Green drives the importance of a greater understanding of the arts in the general public.

Such a spirit of accessibility is key to Green’s mission, and extends to the contemporary artists he represents, with Colombia’s Santiago Montoya and Spain’s Ernesto Canovas and the truly internationally known Bob Dylan, proving testament to the global reach with which Halcyon now operate. In the same vein, Green is a passionate supporter of bringing art to public spaces all around the world whilst introducing his other passion, philanthropy, with the sculpture Serenity on the banks of the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park being a major highlight. This particular project rose over £4 million for the Royal Parks Foundation, enabling them to build an Education Centre teaching young people from inner cities about the natural world and the environment. Green is also actively involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and recently was awarded by Royal charge the position of Special Commissioner of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. As someone who considers himself a “proud self-starter”, Green says he’s very fond of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as it gives young people “the tools, skills and confidence to achieve things in life for themselves”, regardless of their background or where they are from.

And what for the future? For 2019 there are plans for expansion into the United States. By then, will Green have any ambition left to accomplish? “Oh, yes. Public projects with international consequences”. He replies.



Fiona-Jane MacGregor

FJMacGregorFiona-Jane MacGregor joined UKGI (formerly ShEx) four years ago, and was Chief Operating Officer for 18 months before taking up the role of Head of Special Situations. This involves leading a team of sector and restructuring/insolvency experts to focus on sectors and corporates where there is the risk of economic shock impact to major employment or assets of national interest. In addition, she is a NED on the board of the British Business Bank (Investments) Limited. FJ is a Chartered Accountant by training, spending the majority of her career at RBS in the restructuring team, where she led on major European corporate restructurings and headed up the Bank’s Strategic Investment Group.








John MIllsJohn Mills - Chairman of JML

John Mills is Chairman of JML, a well-known British company which was recently picked out as being among the 150 most dynamic companies in all of Europe. Both as a businessperson and as one of the Labour Party's largest donors ( £1.65m), he has fought successfully for the UK to vote to Leave the European Union and will continue to fight for radical change in Britain's economic and trade policy.

John has been in business for more than 50 years. In that time he has seen "hundreds of proud, successful British manufacturing firms forced out of existence and thousands of jobs shipped off to Asia". He is passionate in his view that skilled manual jobs have all-but disappeared and areas of Britain that were once thriving and full of hope are now effectively redundant.

He advocates the need for politicians from all parties to start considering a new economic and political strategy; one that brings business and jobs back to Britain.

In his opinion, as sterling has devalued to a more competitive level since the EU Referendum, there is every chance that manufacturing can now start to recover, investment in our future productivity will start to increase and, in the longer term, there will be less unemployment. The Government will have the means to raise our growth rate incrementally on a sustainable basis, with rising living standards, more equality and no need for the austerity policies to cut the government deficit.

Since 1975 he has been Secretary of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign and the Labour Economic Policy Group since 1985. He is currently Chairman of Labour Leave, the EU Referendum campaign that represented Labour voters who do not agree that the future of the UK lies within the European Union. The campaign put forward the progressive left-leaning case for Brexit and successfully fought to get the UK out of the EU. He is also Vice Chairman of the Economic Research Council and Chairman of the Pound Campaign, campaigning to reverse the decline of British industry and rebalance the UK economy.

On his own or with co-authors, John has written eleven books on economics covering the UK, Europe, the USA and the world economy. One of his books A Critical History of Economics was translated into mandarin by the Beijing commercial Press and has been used as a text book in Chinese universities. His latest book, Britain's Achilles Heel, will be launched in late June.

John will also give his views on what will have happened with the Conservatives and Labour party following the election.

John will be controversial and will bring economic, politics and practical business views together in an entertaining and informative speech.


J MundayJanice Munday CBE

Janice spent 15 years in Government helping companies to turn around and be more productive when she was Director of Advanced Manufacturing and Services at the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.  Indeed she was the original inventor of Industrial Strategy for that very purpose and spent some time before that turning round a failing project within government

She has taken that interest into the private sector as an NED on companies that are not flourishing or growing as fast as they could be.  She is a particular advocate for good governance and the role of independent NEDs and has just finished a governance review of one company.

Janice has championed the role of women throughout her career and has helped establish and support many groups of women in particular sectors.





Fliis RundleFelicity Rundle - Atlantic Risk Management Services Limited

Fliss Rundle joined the Atlantic team in early 2016 as a Senior Manager having previously held roles in many aspects of ABL including field exam, underwriting, credit and product management. Since joining Atlantic, Fliss has developed and executed strategies in Debt Recoveries and led several complex ABL Field Exams throughout the UK and Europe.

Now celebrating its 20th year, Atlantic Risk Management Services is an International Risk Management Company with operations in both London and Chicago. Atlantic work with many financial institutions across the globe including Banks, Turnaround Management Firms, Trade Finance Houses, Factors, Discounters, Asset Based Lenders, Private Equity Companies and Investment Bankers. Atlantic provides specialist risk management services across a wide range of situations in many countries and seek to deliver the highest level of quality having extensive collateral management knowledge and expertise.




Varda ShineVarda Shine - Non-Executive director, CEOs mentor and Diamond & Business Advisor

Varda Shine is a non-executive director, CEOs mentor and Diamond & Business Advisor. Over a 30-year career in the diamond industry with De Beers (leading to CEO position at De Beers Trading Company, De Beers mid-stream business with an annual turnover of approximately $6bn), Varda developed a wealth of experience and expertise. She also successfully completed the multibillion dollar relocation of sales operations from London to Botswana in what was one of the largest ever transfers of economic activity from the northern to the southern hemisphere

Her career now includes Non-executive director at Lonmin PLC; Board member of the Mineral Development Company Botswana; a board member at Sarine Technologies; a Trustee of the Teenage Cancer Trust and A board member on Diamond Empowerment Fund.

She enjoys being an executive mentor at Merryck & Co. (working with FTSE 100 Exces) and is CEO of her own company, Sky Ink, which helps take businesses from concept development through to execution and commercialisation.

Her business contact base includes India, HK, Europe, USA, Israel, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Driven by values and a commercial skill set, Varda focuses on impacting change aiming to improve people, businesses and nations.


Anthony St JohnLord Anthony St John 

Anthony Tudor St John, 22nd Baron St John of Bletso is a British peer, politician, businessman and solicitor. He is one of the ninety hereditary peers elected to remain in the House of Lords after the House of Lords Act 1999. He speaks on African affairs (and is a notable expert on South Africa and Sierra Leone), deregulation, financial services and information technology. Rather than aligning with a particular political party, he remains a crossbencher.

Between 1985 and 2002, he worked as an oil analyst at County NatWest Securities and then Smith New Court Plc and thereafter served as a consultant to Merrill Lynch until 2008. He built up the Internet Datacentre business of Globix Corporation in the UK and then became President of Global Sales and Marketing for the International Group. Between 2004 and 2012, he was Non-Executive Chairman of Spiritel Plc, a telecommunications service provider and served as a Non-Executive Director at Regal Petroleum, Sharp Interpak, WMRC and Pecaso. He has also been on the Advisory Board of Infinity SDC, Chayton Capital and Ariya Capital with the focus on agriculture and business opportunities in Africa. He is a Non-Executive Director of Albion Ventures LLP and Chairman of the Governing Board of Certification International.

His company, African Business Solutions, assists International companies seeking to invest in Africa specifically in infrastructure, broadband, financial services and renewable energy. Lord St John is also an extra Lord-in-Waiting to HM The Queen. He is currently a Member of the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications as well as the Lords Information Committee. He is Vice Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary South Africa Group, an Executive Committee Member of the All Party Africa Group and a Council Member of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee. He served as Chairman of the charity, Citizens Online from 2001 to 2008.


James Stronach James Stronach - KPMG LLP

James Stronach is a Deal Advisory professional, currently working as a Manager in KPMG’s Restructuring team in Leeds. James joined the firm in 2012 as a graduate, from the University of Bristol, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2015.  His broad experience covers the full range of work undertaken by the Deal Advisory practice, having spent time working for KPMG’s Restructuring and Transaction Services teams in the North of England.

In his current role, he focusses on helping clients facing stress and distress consider their options and to assess the root cause of their issues. His experience spans public sector bodies and corporates, operating in a number of sectors including Manufacturing, Food and Drink and Retail.

James has served on the TMA NextGen Committee in the North since its inception in mid-2016.



Erica Thompson Erica Thompson - Stanley Black & Decker

Erica is responsible for advising the Fortune 500 Company on all commercial, compliance and regulatory matters for the UK division, which last year was responsible for a turnover of £550 million of the $11 billion global business. Erica has been with Stanley Black & Decker for over 3 years, prior to working in-house, Erica had worked in private practice as a litigator covering all areas of civil litigation. Erica started her legal career after being called to the Bar in 2010 as a member of Lincoln’s Inn, later cross qualifying as a Solicitor being admitted to the roll in 2014.

Stanley Black & Decker is a leading global diversified corporation recognised as one of the world’s most admired companies, by Fortune. Stanley Black & Decker is No. 1 in tools and storage, No.2 in security services and a global leader in engineered fastenings. Stanley Black & Decker, for those who make the world