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Official Posts

TMA UK is a non-profit making organisation which is run by a President, President elect and a board of Directors, who are backed by from time to time by ad hoc committees, all of whom are volunteers. In addition, there is a small secretariat of part time self employed consultants who manage the administration and development of the association.

The Board consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of eighteen directors, a third of who retire each year and may stand for re-election at the AGM.

Opportunities exist to become involved with the TMA in an official capacity on a number of levels. The Board currently comprises the following executive positions:

The executive currently meets monthly.

In addition there are a number of non executive directors.

The full Board meets at least once a quarter.

View the current Board Members and a brief description of their role.

Committee Members

A Committee currently exists to address each of the following specific areas:

Conference Committee

Established each winter for initial planning of the TMA UK conference which is the key presentation of the year held in the following Autumn.

Membership Committee

Responsible for determining membership benefits, a charging strategy, on-going membership drives and communication.

Sponsorship Committee

As for the membership committee, the sponsorship committee determines sponsorship packages, including benefits and charging policy, maintaining sponsorship relationships and determining new sponsorship drives.

Regional co-ordinators

There are currently 11 regions: London, Wales & South West, East Midlands, West Midlands, Southampton, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sussex & Kent, Reading and Scotland.

Each is operated by a regional co-ordinator who is responsible for sourcing hosts and speakers for 2-4 events per annum. Typically events take the form of a presentation speaker, or panel, on a diverse range of subjects of interest to the turnaround community. Each event typically has 40-50 attendees. The regional co-ordinators have the benefit of speaking to this captive audience in their capacity as representatives of the TMA. They also have the added benefit of sending out invitations using their company logo to the TMA database of contacts.

Regional Coordinators qualify for significantly discounted sponsorship rates once established as a thank you for your time involved.

View the current list of regional co-ordinators.