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13 September 2017 | TMA London Event - Jenni Hallam Spoke on Empowerment and Business - Summary in case you missed it.

I was delighted that Jenni Hallam could present last week at our TMA London Evening. We had over 100 acceptances to the event held at Fieldfisher's offices. Jenni is a well-known empowerment and motivational speaker who works a lot in the business community. For those who could not make it I thought my summary might be of interest. Lots of ideas for personal as well as business development were discussed.

Jenni's focus was on personal empowerment and the vital part it plays in the way we deal with challenge and change. She started by reminding us that the survival of a business and the capacity for success ultimately rests with the human beings involved, presenting us with two statements to consider:

People with personal power tend to get ahead

Life is easier for people who have personal power

She went on to propose that people who have personal power are likely to cope better with stress, have greater flexibility of attitude and behaviour and adapt more quickly and effectively to change.

Therefore a focus on developing the personal power of those going through radical change in the work place can have considerable benefits for the business concerned.

Andrew J Pepper
President TMA UK

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