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9 January 2018 | TMA UK President's Welcome - Why you should join in 2018!

Shock decision - Business as Usual

In terms of politics, these could be described as dark days for the UK. Perhaps it was the relentless years of austerity that fostered, in some, a disenchantment with Europe? We watched, as wild stories gained ground - reminiscent of tales of the pioneering high-sea adventures of our forefathers. A rose-tinted view of the past flared up, and with it, a hubbub of wistful hankering after ‘the good old days.’ In the frenzy, the ‘hard old days’ were momentarily forgotten, and an unexpected decision emerged - a decision which would seek to cut our long-established ties with the continent, and cast our little seafaring nation back out to sea. Now that the dust has settled, the reality of this decision is beginning to sink in.

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