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27 October 2017 | Hilco Valuation Services

Hilco Valuation Services is one of the world's largest and most diversified business asset appraisers and valuation advisors. A trusted resource to companies, their lenders and professional services advisors, Hilco Valuation Services provides value opinions across virtually every business asset category.

Unique to Hilco Valuation Services is the ability to affirm asset values through proprietary market data obtained from the worldwide asset disposition and acquisition experiences of Hilco Global. Access to this real-time information, in contrast with the aged data relied upon by others, ensures clients of more reliable valuations, which is crucial when financial decisions and fortunes are at stake.

Valuation experience includes, but is not limited to:

- Retail, consumer, and industrial inventory appraisals
- Machinery and equipment appraisals
- Enterprise and business valuations
- Intellectual property and other intangibles valuations
- FAS 141, 142, and 157 valuations
- Litigation support
- Dispute resolution
- Real estate appraisals
- Portfolio valuations
- Ad Valorem
- Asset verification and tagging
- Account Receivable Field Examinations
- Cost Segregation
- Repair & Maintenance Studies
- Insolvency Advice and Consultancy
- Asset Disposals

Hilco Valuation Services has unmatched experience, having delivered over 100 billion of inventory assets valued, with more than 6,000 companies appraised, internationally. We deliver more than 2,500 total valuations annually, have inspected and appraised nearly 20,000 manufacturing facilities, and have appraised machinery and equipment valued at over 1 trillion. Our appraisers are accessible and responsive to our clients' needs.

We provide comprehensive valuations for Machinery and Business Assets, Retail,Consumer Products and Industrial Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Trade Names and Other Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Enterprise Valuations.

Hilco Valaution Services