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Directors Duties and Responsibilities

with specific emphasis on business survival

Help is at hand in our new Handbook for Directors, Executives and Advisors outlining Directors' Duties and Responsibilities with a specific emphasis on Business Survival.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) Guide

When and how it is used

This guide has been prepared to assist you as a director or shareholder to find a solution for saving your Company when it is insolvent.

An Introduction to TMA

The Turnaround Management Association (TMA) was founded in the USA in 1988, and is a non-profit organisation for practitioners in corporate renewal and turnaround management. The TMA’s international headquarters is in Chicago (TMA International), and there are regional Chapters worldwide. TMA UK comprises the United Kingdom Chapter. TMA International maintains the TMA global website at www.turnaround.org and other Chapters maintain their own Websites.




TMA's mission is a comprehensive and challenging one:

Members of TMA UK and other Chapters are also members of the global TMA, and have access to and use of certain benefits provided by TMA International and other Chapters. TMA International prepares and maintains the TMA Directory of Members and Services on-line for access by members worldwide. Conferences, publications and reports, certification and training programmes, and other benefits, services and activities for Members are provided by TMA International and the Chapters on an international or regional basis, as appropriate.